Flexible System

Customized your wardrobe with our modular accessories units such as retractable mirror, motion lighting, shoe rack, tie rack, towel basket, CD and jewellery accessories unit. Fixtures and bracket fitting that enable versatile height and adjustments. The unique features amplify storage configurations and organizing solutions for our clients.View Video

Door Soft Closer

Soft closing effects are no longer meant for drawers. Our in-house designed an anti door slam devices are equipped within our soft close sliding door panel, to obtain optimal soft closing results. It reduces noise level to minimum and promotes safety for all users.View Video

Motion Lighting

Integrating the latest PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor with LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology, our wardrobe lighting with motion sensor system will switch on all lightings once movement is detected, and off when movement is at ease. LED represents modern lifestyle as they are bright, energy saving, longer life span and cost effective.View Video

Retractable Mirror

Easy pull out and rotary mirror panel designed for both genders. Our sliding wardrobe mirror allow mirror to extend and retreat within the wardrobe system, this feature illustrates compact living and space efficiency.View Video